School of Leaders

Summer '21 Videos

The School of Leaders is gearing up for Summer 2021.

The three-week Summer School starts on Saturday, July 17 and will run from 9a-10:30a and be virtual via Zoom. The SoL will continue on Saturday, July 24 and Saturday, July 31 at the same times. The Zoom link will be posted here shortly.

The School of Leaders offers a joyful and educational community experience where all can play a part in the success of Cursillo in the Atlanta Archdiocese.  It is a place to take part in building God's Kingdom in many ways:

  • To promote and assure the authenticity and integrity (Charism) of the Cursillo Movement in its three phases - Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo, and Post-Cursillo.

  • To help facilitate and enhance the process of welcoming and inviting new members (Pre-Cursillo), providing an effective and authentic 3-day encounter experience (Cursillo), and sustain and stimulate the Cursillo community with joyful and enriching 4th-day experiences (Post-Cursillo).

  • To stimulate and activate servants to Cursillo by offering a wide variety of participation levels of service in all the areas of Atlanta Catholic Cursillo without obligating or committing them to any specific activity.

  • To unify an active 4th-day community that provides ongoing input and feedback on the effectiveness of the Atlanta Catholic Cursillo in its mission of building the kingdom of God.

St Pius X High School

2674 Johnson Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30345

Holy Cross

3773 Chamblee Tucker Road

Atlanta, GA 30341

St Paul of the Cross

551 Harwell Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 

St Jude

7171 Glenridge Dr
Sandy Springs