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School of Leaders

The School of Leaders Mission

The School of Leaders offers a joyful and educational community experience where all can play a part in the success of Cursillo in the Atlanta Archdiocese.  It is a place to take part in building God's Kingdom in many ways:

  • To promote and assure the authenticity and integrity (Charism) of the Cursillo Movement in its three phases - Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo, and Post-Cursillo.

  • To help facilitate and enhance the process of welcoming and inviting new members (Pre-Cursillo), providing an effective and authentic 3-day encounter experience (Cursillo), and sustain and stimulate the Cursillo community with joyful and enriching 4th-day experiences (Post-Cursillo).

  • To stimulate and activate servants to Cursillo by offering a wide variety of participation levels of service in all the areas of Atlanta Catholic Cursillo without obligating or committing them to any specific activity.

  • To unify an active 4th-day community that provides ongoing input and feedback on the effectiveness of the Atlanta Catholic Cursillo in its mission of building the kingdom of God.

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